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Fabrication and manufacturing


Our employees are highly skilled machinists with a strong penchant for detail. Whether your needs are steel fabrication, aluminum fabrication, or stainless steel fabrication, our machinists, welders, and engineers are top-notch.

The robotic welders at Rushford Manufacturing carries the D1.1 certification from the American Welding Society. This level of certification is necessary for the welding quality standards we employ in our steel fabrication, metal fabrication, and stainless steel fabrication services.

Our industrial manufacturing clients vary widely in the volume of production required when they contract with us for metal fabrication services. For some jobs, we may manufacture only one or two parts; for others we will engage in relatively high production for the manufacturing client.

If your company has aluminum, steel, or stainless steel metal fabrication needs, contact us or fill out our quote request form; we’ll be glad to discuss your project with you and help you find the best manufacturing solution to meet your goals.


Large Material Calibration Machine

Large Material Calibration Machine

Material Calibration Machine

Small Material Calibration Machine

Chain Calibrator- Load Cell

Small Chain Calibrator – Load Cell