CNC Plasma Table, Robotic Welder, and other Metal Fabrication Equipment

In order to bring you quality industrial metal fabrication services, Rushford Manufacturing is continually investing in precision sheet metal fabrication and manufacturing equipment. Our robotic welder helps bring the performance consistency that is required in larger production runs. We use both MIG and TIG welders to give us the ability to tackle any welding job we encounter. Our use of CNC (computer numerical controlled) fabrication equipment gives us the high level of precision that our company is able to consistently provide for our clients. These include a CNC plasma punch, CNC press brakes, CNC shear, CNC Pipe bender, and a CNC plasma table. Additionally, we use an iron worker, 4-post press, and variety of metal saws.

Our fabrication and manufacturing equipment is listed below.

Genesis CNC Robotic Welder
Weight Capacity 1000 lbs
AWS D1.1 Certified 1/8″ – 3/4″ thick material

Piranha II 88 Ton 2 Station Iron Worker
Capabilities: Shear, Punch and Bend

CNC Piranha Precision Press Brakes
Working Capacity up to 100-ton 10′ wide sheets

CNC Piranha Shear
5/16″ thick up to 10′ wide sheets

Wiedemann CNC 45-ton 35 Station Turret Punch with CNC Plasma
Capabilities: 20 gauge – 3/8″ thick sheets
6′ wide – 12′ wide sheets

CNC Koike Hypotherm Plasma Torch
Capabilities: 18 gauge – 1 3/4″ thick sheets
Table Dimensions 5′ x 10′

Paint Booth
12′ x 24′

Ercolina Bender
Capabilities: Bend any shapes from solids to tubes